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Sustainability is just a word. Here’s how to make it more than that…

As more and more people become interested in sustainability topics, the way we communicate this information becomes increasingly important. With transparency being key to establishing long-term trust, now is the time to consider how your sustainability and social media strategies can work together. By aligning your sustainability goals with your social media presence, you can create a more powerful message that resonates with your audience.

3 Ways to Make Your Sustainability Strategy Social Media-Friendly

1. Keep your language simple and easy to understand.
When it comes to complex topics like sustainability, it’s important to use language that everyone can understand. In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, it’s essential to make your message clear and concise. This doesn’t mean dumbing down your content—rather, it’s about using language that is accessible to a wide audience.

2. Talk about the benefits of sustainable practices, not just the good they do.
When you’re communicating about sustainability, it’s important to focus on the benefits of sustainable practices—not just the good they do for the environment or society. People are more likely to be motivated by what they stand to gain from sustainable practices than by feel-good messaging about making the world a better place. For example, rather than talking about how reducing food waste helps the environment, highlight how it can also save money and reduce stress levels.

3. Use images and videos to tell your story.
In a world where visuals are increasingly important, it’s essential to use images and videos to tell your sustainability story. A picture is worth a thousand words—and a video is worth even more! Use engaging visuals to show people what sustainable practices look like in action and why they’re so important.

As global awareness of sustainability issues grows, so does the corresponding conversation on social media. To ensure that your message is resonating with your audience, consider making your sustainability strategy social media-friendly by keeping your language simple; talking about the benefits of sustainable practices; and using images and videos to tell your story. By aligning your sustainability goals with your social media presence, you can create a powerful message that will have a lasting impact on those who see it.

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