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TRACKbox Accessories

These accessories will help you experience all that is possible with Sensium Fleet Telematics hardware.

Driver ID

Driver ID connects easily via “Plug & Play” to TRACKbox TB2.

Know who is driving your vehicles and how they are being driven. Ideal when fleet vehicles are used by more than one employee, Driver ID allows you to identify driver behaviour as well as how much time is being spent on jobs, these critical insights will improve fleet efficiencies.

Disable Module

The Disable Module is a hardware based “kill switch” which can be used to remotely disable equipment, or a vehicles starter from any location. When connected to our TRACKbox TB2, this module uses an encrypted two way data connection with ‘Acknowledgement’ to ensure data security and reliability.

The remote disable function can be accessed using the Connect app or our API.

CAN bus Installation Cable

The TRACKbox TB2 is an innovative and user-friendly device that has been designed to provide seamless vehicle tracking for all vehicles. With the advent of CAN bus technology and the increased accessibility to onboard diagnostic systems, the installation process for the TRACKbox TB2 has been simplified.

The device can be easily connected to the vehicle’s OBDII port, making installation quick and hassle-free. This approach has the added benefit of eliminating the need for complex wiring or hardware modifications.

Panic and Duress Button and Pendant

At Sensium, we prioritise the well-being and security of both individuals and organisations. Recognising the importance of personal safety for business owners managing a fleet of vehicles or private individuals, we offer a state-of-the-art Panic and Duress Button solution for your vehicles, as well as a Remote Duress and Panic Pendant for enhanced protection.

Our user-friendly device can be conveniently installed on your vehicle’s dashboard, ensuring easy access for the driver during emergencies. Additionally, the Remote Duress and Panic Pendant offers increased flexibility and convenience, allowing you to summon help even when you’re away from your vehicle.

With a simple activation, the system instantly sends an SMS and email alert to designated contacts, complete with GPS coordinates for swift assistance.

Experience peace of mind with Sensium’s cutting-edge panic and duress button and Remote Duress and Panic Pendant, designed to safeguard you and your vehicle in times of need.

Fill in the Data Gaps with Sensium Fleet Telematics


We design our hardware and software systems to be reliable. The components that we utilise to build our tracking hardware are of the highest quality.

Our software system is built on cloud platforms with inbuilt redundancy and additional measures to provide the highest reliability and up-time of our tracking platform.


We’ve built our hardware systems to not only be reliable, but to operate for the long-term. All hardware includes a 24-month warranty. We make sure all our new add-on hardware that we design is compatible with our existing tracking hardware. This allows you to add on additional functionality modules at a later date with ease.


We accept responsibility to ensure that our tracking system meets the needs of your business. For this reason, if you’re not satisfied with our solution within 30 days, simply return the hardware for a full refund.*


Ensure success and drive future growth with TruePath Tracking from Sensium. Collect actionable vehicle data that empowers your business to maximise efficiencies, increase productivity, improve driver safety and gain a competitive advantage.

TruePath Tracking helps with providing a precise, continuous flow of data with no gaps to know the exact path taken to:

  • Assessing your fleet efficiency – pinpoint vehicle’s movements accurately.
  • Mitigating risk to your employees, drivers, and fleet – if something goes wrong, you can replay the journey second by second.
  • Advanced driver behaviour monitoring and reporting – know the complete picture with actionable data to keep your drivers’ safe.
  • Harness comprehensive vehicle information to optimise performance, boost productivity, enhance driver safety and gain the edge over your competition.
Measure, monitor and take action

Sensium TRACKbox TB2 assists fleet managers to measure, monitor and take action to protect their vehicles and drivers. The vehicle’s location, speed, heading, engine hours, idle time, CAN bus telematics, and driver behaviour attached to a DriverID are all monitored and recorded for analysis.

Installing TRACKbox TB2 vehicle telematics is straightforward and can be done with minimal technical expertise or arranged through our nationwide network of installers.

Sensium Fleet Telematics offers a diverse range of telematics plans to meet varying needs and budgets. As your business expands, so do our plans and offerings...

The RCM tick indicates that our TRACKbox products are compliant with the New Zealand and Australia radio-communications and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards.

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Your Data is Secure and Encrypted

Data is an essential component that drives businesses forwards by providing valuable insights and informing critical decision-making processes, leading to improved performance, increased productivity, and enhanced profitability.

We take the security of your data seriously and Sensium’s end-to-end encryption ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your business data

Measure, Monitor And Take Action

Effectively manage and optimise the performance of your fleet of vehicles through easy measurement and monitoring.

Using key metrics such as the vehicle’s location, speed, and heading, this information can help fleet managers optimise route planning and scheduling, additionally ensure drivers are adhering to safety protocols and much more.

TRACKbox - Addons

  • Temperature Probes – Monitor temperature of chilled vehicles.
  • Panic and Duress Buttons – Drivers’ safety alarm.
  • Remote Disable of vehicles and assets.
  • Driver ID-Module (plug and play) – Know how vehicles are being driven and by who.
  • Remote Mass Management.

RCM Approval as Standard

The RCM tick indicates that our TRACKbox products are compliant with the Australia and New Zealand radio-communications and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards.

There are comprehensive fines which can be levied against businesses that are found to be utilising GPS tracking equipment that is not RCM approved.

TruePath Tracking - Tracking Every Second not Every Minute

Ensure success and drive future growth with TruePath Tracking from Sensium. Collect actionable vehicle data that empowers your business to maximise efficiencies, increase productivity, improve driver safety and gain a competitive advantage.