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Know where your vehicles are, where they have been
and how long they were there.

Sensium Connect Enterprise, when combined with Sensium’s TRACKbox TB2 Fleet Telematics hardware, forms the most sophisticated fleet telematics and GPS tracking solution available, with Advanced Custom Integration with Enterprise Level Vehicle Telematics platforms.



Improve the efficiency and safety of your mobile workforce.
Resolve customer and operational queries accurately and promptly.
Ensure safety and compliance of vehicles and employees.
Job cost analysis. Assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles.
Encourage accountability of your staff.
Maximise vehicle productivity.
Provide accurate billing of staff time.
Reduce your fleet's operating cost.

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Advanced Custom Integration with Enterprise Level Vehicle Telematics platforms.

The advanced custom integration capabilities that Sensium Connect Enterprise offers provides businesses with the flexibility to tailor the Fleet Telematics solution offered by Sensium to your unique needs, integrating with other systems and applications for seamless data exchange and more comprehensive insights.

Additionally, with the ability to integrate with other systems, businesses can leverage the power of their existing technology investments and maximize their ROI.


The most accurate data collection and reporting possible

Sensium have been supporting the fleet tracking needs of New Zealand and Australia businesses for over 15 years. During this time, we’ve learned how to stay ahead of the game and stand out from the rest.

Happy Drivers, Easy Management

With Sensium Connect, you’ll be able to seamlessly navigate the complexities of your fleet with one simple secure online intuitive portal.

With a suite of reports plus real-time maps with alerts, so you can stay on top of everything in real time.

Track Your Fleet in Real-Time with TruePath Vehicle Tracking

View real-time activity by vehicle name, type or group and know exactly where your vehicles are by satellite or street view.

Vehicle History shows the vehicle’s TruePath Tracking history so you know exactly what your vehicle was doing at any point in time, including the exact speed driven. View path taken, monthly activity and much more.


Simplify Fleet Management with Sensium Connect: Real-Time Tracking, Reports, and Driver Behaviour Analysis

Sensium Connect also offers Time-on-Site, Time-to-Site, Distance, Daily Activity including driver behaviour like harsh cornering, braking, and accelerating, plus much more.

Instant Fleet Alerts via Email and Mobile Push

Create alerts so you’re the first to know when events happen. Receive email and mobile push notifications to let you know what’s happening with your fleet.

Track and Control Your Fleet on the Go

View the location and status of your vehicles, anywhere, anytime using the Sensium Connect app on your mobile. Optionally enable/disable vehicles remotely.

Sensium are EV & PHEV Fleet Integration Specialists

Adding EV’s to your fleet? Sensium are EV Fleet Integration specialists.

Track your entire Fleet, including ICE (internal combustion engine), EV (electric vehicle) and PHEV’s (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) with continuous Vehicle Data collection, delivering the most accurate data and reporting possible.

Powered by TRACKbox TB2

Sensium Connect Enterprise is powered by Sensium’s TRACKbox™ TB2 4G CAT M1, Sensium’s flagship Vehicle Tracking device for Professional Vehicle GPS Tracking.

The TB2 gathers data from your moving vehicle to provide information concerning its location, speed and distance travelled and is an invaluable tool for fleet management and vehicle security.

In addition, it can be easily installed and augmented with optional accessories.

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