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Why Choose Sensium Australian Made GPS & Fleet Telematics

Sensium have been supporting the fleet tracking needs of New Zealand and Australian businesses for over 15 years.

During this time, we’ve learned how to stay ahead of the game and stand out from the rest. 

It can be daunting deciding who to trust with tracking your fleet. To help put your mind at ease, we encourage you to visit us at either of our offices. You are welcome to have a coffee, meet the team, and take a look at our Installation and Development Centres.


SENSIUM helps you to:

Improve the efficiency and safety of your mobile workforce.
Resolve customer and operational queries accurately and promptly.
Ensure safety and compliance of vehicles and employees.
Job cost analysis. Assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles.
Encourage accountability of your staff.
Maximise vehicle productivity.
Provide accurate billing of staff time.
Reduce your fleet's operating cost.

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Future-Proof Your Business

We don’t claim or endeavour to be the cheapest product available, what we strive for is to provide GPS hardware and services that protect and future-proof your business. 

We focus on providing GPS hardware and services that ensure your business stays ahead of the game, now and in the future. We understand that investing in a quality product can save you money in the long run by preventing costly mishaps and streamlining operations.

We Manufacture Locally in Australia and New Zealand

We design and manufacture our own hardware in New Zealand and Australia. 

By keeping our operations local, we are able to maintain strict quality control over every step of the process, from design to production.

Our development teams are also based in New Zealand and Australia, allowing us to provide responsive and reliable support to our customers. We understand that GPS tracking is a critical component of many businesses, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible service and support to ensure that your business can operate with confidence.

Encryption as Standard

We implement industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure that all data transmitted between our GPS devices and our platform is protected. This means that any personal location information is kept safe and secure, making it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept the data during transmission.

Encryption is a critical aspect of data security, as it transforms the data into an unreadable format that only authorized users can access. With our robust encryption standards, we not only protect our customers’ personal information, but we also reduce the risk of “Man in the Middle” attacks.

If you are comparing us to competitor products, we would recommend asking the following questions to ensure they take their product and your security seriously.

“Do you have RCM Approval?”
“Do you encrypt ALL data, especially whilst in transit?”
“What is your poll rate (distance between data points)?”

RCM Approval as Standard

We have RCM approval on our hardware. There are large fines, and the risk of having your devices disconnected from the Telco network if you cannot prove compliance.

Without RCM approval, a GPS tracking device cannot legally operate on the Telco network in New Zealand. If a non-compliant device is discovered, it can lead to large fines and even disconnection of the device from the Telco network. This can be a costly and disruptive experience for any business that relies on GPS tracking devices to operate effectively.

We take compliance seriously and have made it our priority to ensure that our GPS tracking devices meet all the necessary regulatory requirements in Australia. With our RCM-approved hardware, our customers can be confident that they are using devices that are safe, reliable, and compliant with all the relevant regulations. This means that they can avoid the risks of fines and disconnection, and focus on running their business with peace of mind.

Sensium TruePath Tracking

Sensium TruePath tracking is the gold standard in GPS tracking. While other providers may collect data at pre-set distances, such as every 500 or 1000 metres, we’ve developed a more comprehensive solution.

TruePath tracking ensures that our customers have access to detailed vehicle data for every single part of their journey. This means that they can track their vehicles’ movements with greater accuracy and get a more complete picture of their operations.

Sensium are EV & PHEV Fleet Integration Specialists

Adding EV’s to your fleet? Sensium are EV Fleet Integration specialists.

Track your entire Fleet, including ICE (internal combustion engine), EV (electric vehicle) and PHEV’s (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) with continuous Vehicle Data collection, delivering the most accurate data and reporting possible.

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